11 May، 2024

    Deputy Assistant Secretary M. Ethan Goldrich Discusses U.S. Policy on Syria: Perspectives and Priorities

    Paris-In the context of analyzing the current situation in Syria and assessing international efforts aimed at achieving stability and peace…
    30 August، 2020

    Cities of Rubble: Decision to Renovate Harasta Houses “Suspended”

    Damascus Countryside — Once you cross the Harasta-checkpoint, set up at the western entrance to the city of Harasta, eastern…
    6 July، 2020

    Electricity in Exchange for Water: A Struggle that Northeastern Syria’s Population has to live with

    Editors: Maher al-Hamdan and Hoashang Hasan  In front of her house, Um Mohammad sits, waiting for the “water seller”, or…
    22 June، 2020

    Syrian healthcare sector crushes as medicine shortages grow

    DAMASCUS — In Al-Mujtahid Hospital, a beloved wife was left to her own devices on a bed in the care…
    16 June، 2020

    To mitigate Caesar Act’s economic impact, Syria bets on neighbors, would they come to its rescue?

    BERLIN – The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act will be enforced mid-June; however, the economy squad of the Syrian government…
    25 April، 2020

    Poor medical preparations raise alarm over COVID-19 outbreak in northeast Syria

    ISTANBUL: This time last month, Aref had been hoping to return back to his everyday life as soon as possible.…




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