About Mari

Mari is a nonprofit news organization providing in-depth, neutral coverage of the crisis in Syria. We publish detailed stories, investigations and analysis on Syria, in addition to photos and videos from the ground.

Named for Syria’s ancient kingdom of Mari, our organization was founded by a group of young Syrian journalists hoping to report the truth about what is happening in their home country. We base our work on the principle that journalists write “the first rough draft of history.”

Our team focuses on providing coverage of the latest political, military and other developments. We write analysis in both Arabic and English to reach a wider audience, and to influence general opinion towards bringing an end to the war and its human rights violations. We also hope to strengthen Syrians’ freedom of expression.

Mari is committed to independence, credibility, critical thinking, analysis and the use of multimedia digital tools to illustrate the entire truth. We rely on independent funding to maintain balanced coverage of events on the ground, at a time when Syria is undergoing turmoil–particularly as much of the country closes off to free media expression with the return of large swathes of territory to government control.

Our team believes that independent coverage of Syria is our highest duty in the midst of these ongoing political changes.

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